Description of wines

On the slopes of the wine road of the lower Vipava valley, on the sunny side, there are 13 hectares of vineyards where grapes ripen. These are hand-picked to fill the barrels of the Malovščevo wine cellar, thus continuing the family tradition of wine-growing. We pay great attention to growing grapes and winemaking since the natural ripening process of grapes and winemaking is characteristic for our farm. This old tradition is nowadays combined with advanced technology. In the cellar 14 sorts of wine ripen, including ancient local sorts such as Vitovska Grganja, Zelen, Barbera, Merlot and Rebula – once almost forgotten. Today they achieve prime quality with their uniqueness. We shouldn’t, however, forget other sorts like Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc which came to our valley from other places and hold a significant place in our cellar. Wines, especially red ones, also ripen in wood, which enhances them, since oak and acacia grow locally and are indispensable to the Vipava valley. The sunny location, high quality soil and the influence of the Mediterranean climate give the wine a rich fruity flavour, vivid colour and harmony of bouquets. For guests, visitors and wine lovers, upon prior notice, we can organise a visit to the wine cellar with food and wine tasting. Family members will relate to you the history of the farm you can imagine how life and work on the farm have developed over the centuries. Several years ago we also opened our wine cellars in Ljubljana and Škofja Loka. There, draught and bottled wines can be sampled and purchased. These cellars enable us to bring our food products and wines closer to the consumer since they are always popular among gourmets who adore local Vipava produce.

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Red wines

The typical dark red colour of these wines depends upon the skins, kernels and age of the wines and grapes. However, besides the vivid velvety colour, the pleasant bouquet develops with ageing. Red wines are defined by the fruity character and fine aroma. They have a full flavour and therefore go well with red meat, various cold plates and the Vipava prosciutto.

White wines

Fresh wines

Fresh wines are known for their easy character and exceptional palatability. Our taste buds immediately discern the intensive specific, aromatic taste that leaves freshness and excitement in the mouth. Their elegance and mineral taste are appropriate for every dish.

Vitovska Grganja

This is an old authentic sort which acquired its name from the local village of Vitovlje, so we regard it as ours. Once very important, but later almost forgotten, today it’s gaining in appreciation again.


Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines are a recent addition to our cellar. The desire to make them has finally come true! They can be produced only from fresh grapes – the grape must – according to the Charmat method or high-pressure steel container process which enables the control of fermentation and balancing of carbon dioxide with temperature. This method also gives an easier and quicker end result. Our sparkling wines are distinguished by their freshness, a fruity character, elegant aroma and, of course, by the sparkling bubbles. A toast with a glass of sparkling wine will undoubtedly enhance every event and highlight its significance.